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Subject: CFP:  Open Source and Public Sector
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Special Issue of

The Information Society


Open Source and Public Sector: Discourse, Politics and Practice

Guest Editors: Jan Ljungberg, Magnus Bergquist and Anna Maria Szczepanska

In the last ten years the Open Source (OS) and Free Software (FS)
movement has come to challenge the norms and ideals, products and
procedures of the dominant proprietary software industry. OS/FS
represents a radically different logic within the field of software
development. This logic is based on ideas that celebrate the rights of
the user and informational freedoms and resist strong intellectual
property laws and regulations. In addition to gaining ground in the
commercial software market, the OS/FS-movement is also establishing
itself as an interesting alternative for the public sector. Currently,
discussions regarding OS/FS procurement and policy-making are taking
place within governments and public sector organizations all over the
world. The OS/FS-technologies advocates have promoted them on the basis
of their potential cost-benefits, their value as ?a public good,? their
egalitarian and digital divide-bridging qualities and so forth. But the
public sector initiatives still seem somewhat hesitant. The OS/FS in
public sector discussions and policy-making processes represent a
discourse still very much in the making.

This special issue will provide an opportunity for researchers to
present valuable insights at an early stage about a relevant topic that
crosscuts the information technology and policy processes and OS/FS
movement?s institutionalization processes. We hope to bring together
insights from multiple areas, such as political science, sociology,
economics, IS-research, media studies, policy studies and cultural
studies. Discourse analysis and case studies would both be welcome
analytical strategies to provide breadth to the special issue.

Contributions could include the following:

-  Papers identifying and discussing how underlying norms, values and
practices inscribed in OS/FS and proprietary software are understood
and dealt with in public sector discourse.

- Case studies on evolving policies and laws related to Open Source /
Free Software in the public sector.

- Papers analyzing the rhetoric on the pros and cons of OS/FS in the
public sector.

- Papers identifying and analyzing the way actors (e.g. the media,
business groups, academia, consumers, NGO?s, SMO?s, transnational
advocacy networks) are organizing in order to influence, support or
criticize policy processes and other activities relating to the
dispersal of OS/FS products and ideas in public sector.

The guest editors invite abstracts by September 1, 2007, which should
be sent to anmar at ituniv.se.  Authors with the most to offer to the
dialogue will be invited to contribute full papers, which will go
through the normal review process of the journal. For more information
on TIS guidelines, please refer to:


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