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Library Search Facebook Apps | Digital Reference In Facebook Apps


I have learned of two (2) new Library Search Facebook Apps And three
(3) Facebook Apps for Libraries
that Include a Links to local Digital Reference services, and ...

Check It Out: 

Swem Tools 

[ http://apps.facebook.com/swemtools/ ]

*** Swem Catalog (William and Mary College)
*** Swem Website

NOTE: Single Search Box

BTW: ***ALSO*** provides links to *Virtual Reference Librarian and
Online Reference Expert system! --- Need more help? Ask-a-Librarian ---

Developers: Phil Fenstermacher (Virginia Tech) Wayne Graham (William &

**OLD** [:-)
UIUC Library Search


[ http://apps.facebook.com/uiuclibrary/ ]

*** University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Online Catalog
***Union Catalog for Illinois (including UIUC)
***Multi-Subject Magazine and Journal Articles databases (Academic
Search Premier;  Expanded Academic ASAP; Periodical Abstracts; Web of
NOTE: Single Search Box

BTW:***ALSO** provides link to Instant Message US (AOL, MSN,  Yahoo,
and Google Talk) and Meebo--- Ask A Librarian FOR LIVE ASSISTANCE ---

Developer: David Ward (UIUC)

Ryerson University Library on Facebook

[ http://www.ryerson.ca/library/library20/ ]

*** Option to search Ryerson University OPAC 
Using a DropDown/PullDown menu, patrons can choose to search by
Keyword, Title, Author, Subject Title, Course, Prof/TA

*** Option to search Ryerson University articles databases (*Find
Includes link to *Articles by Subject*, a directory that provides a
A-Z table of 
broad subject categories (e.g., Arts & Humanities , Business &
Economics, Health & Medicine, Multi-Disciplinary, News, Science &
Technology, Social Sciences ) and
less broad groups (e.g., Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering) [
http://www.ryerson.ca/library/subjects/engineering2.html ] of
highly-relevant abstracts& indexes, e-journals, etc.

As Well As a link to *Journals by Title A-Z*
[ http://sfx.scholarsportal.info/ryerson/a-z/default ]

ToTheLeftOfTheSearchBoxIs A Listing of several External Links that
includes Course Readings, Map and  Data Resources, Check Your
File/Renew, Room Bookings, Borrow from Other Libraries, Etc.

NOTE: ***ALSO** provides a link to Ask A Librarian LIVE - Ask A
Librarian --- 

[!!! Triple WOW! Ain*t This a MostExcellent Interface!!!]

*****Thanks to Stephen Abram*s Lighthouse Blog for the HeadUp*****


If There Are Other OPAC Facebook Apps OutThere and/or Digital Reference
Facebook Apps (Separate or Together) and/or Etc., Please Let Me Know [
gerrymck at iastate.edu ]


BTW: If You Have Not Already Done So, The Time Has Come To Join The
FacebookAppsForLibraries group 

*FacebookAppsForLibraries is a Global Group devoted to the use of
third-party Facebook applications for enhanced library services.*

[ http://iastate.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2469777131 ]

It*s a Global Group So Any/Everyone Can Join! Even Your Pets [:-)



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