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The editors (see below) of _Government Information Quarterly:  An
International Journal of Information and Technology Management, Policies,
and Practices_ are pleased to announce the release of Volume 24, number 3,
Pages 503-690 (July 2007).  The issue contains articles and reviews related
to e-government, government documents, and information policies and

Issue 3 articles include:
Editorial Board 
Page IFC 

Editorial announcement
Pages 503-504 
Crafting the message: Controlling content on agency Web sites
Pages 505-521 
Julianne Mahler and Priscilla M. Regan
Designing governance for shared services organizations in the public service
Pages 522-538 
Gerald Grant, Shawn McKnight, Aareni Uruthirapathy and Allen Brown
The telecommunications content of state public utility commission Web sites:
Remaining relevant in a changing marketplace
Pages 539-553 
Phyllis Bernt, Lawrence Wood and Carol Ting
Resistance and support to electronic government, building a model of
Pages 554-575 
W.E. Ebbers and J.A.G.M. van Dijk
The perceived impacts of e-government on U.S. cities: A survey of Florida
and Texas City managers
Pages 576-594 
Christopher G. Reddick and Howard A. Frank
Information technologies and civic engagement: Perspectives from
librarianship and planning
Pages 595-610 
Aimée C. Quinn and Laxmi Ramasubramanian
The development of wireless telecommunications and local governments' policy
responses: The U.S. case
Pages 611-623 
Seongcheol Kim
A critique of Korean National Information Strategy: Case of national
information infrastructures
Pages 624-645 
Dong-Hee Shin
E-government research: Reviewing the literature, limitations, and ways
Pages 646-665 
Mete Yildiz
The dynamics of bilateral intellectual property negotiations: Taiwan and the
United States 
Pages 666-687 
Chun-Shuo Chen and Terrence A. Maxwell

I. Ness, Editor, Encyclopedia of American Social Movements vol. 4, Sharpe
Reference, Armonk, NY (2004) ISBN 0765680459 xxix, 1864 pp. $399 (cloth).
Pages 688-689 
Donna Burton
Government Information Quarterly is a quarterly publication of Elsevier
Science.  The journal explores such topics as information and
telecommunications policy; e-government; access to and use of government
information; information technology management, implementation, planning,
and evaluation; information services development, management, and provision
in a distributed networked environment; service quality assessment,
benchmarking, and performance measurement; and governing and governance in a
networked environment.  GIQ articles are available through ScienceDirect at

Additional information regarding the journal and journal submissions is
available at:  http://www.elsevier.com/locate/govinf.

John Carlo Bertot <jbertot at fsu.edu>, College of Information, Florida State
University serves as the journal editor.

Charles R. McClure <cmcclure at lis.fsu.edu>, College of Information, Florida
State University serves as the journal associate editor.

John A. Shuler <alfred at uic.edu>, Documents, Maps, Microforms, & Curriculum
Department, University of Illinois Chicago serves as journal assistant

Aimee C. Quinn <aquinn5 at cnm.edu>, Associate Director, Montoya Campus
Library, Central New Mexico Community College serves as journal assistant

Suzanne Holcombe <suzanne.holcombe at okstate.edu>, Documents Department,
Oklahoma State University serves as reviews editor.
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