[Asis-l] Recommendations for RefWorks Facebook App Functions?

Gerry Mckiernan gerrymck at iastate.edu
Thu Jun 14 18:35:29 EDT 2007


As a result of my recent query to  RefWorks concerning a Facebook App, I received the following information and 
information from Christine Capen, Director, Technical Services

I work with the development team here at RefWorks and have been forwarded your suggestion for consideration. Our summer release is in design freeze at this time. However, if you have sometime I would love to explore your suggestion for our next release. Please humor the following questions:

[1] What would be your desired result in Facebook? 

[2] A link back to the record, or set of records? 

[3] Text of the records/s in your Facebook account?

[4] Other ...

I would appreciate Any and All suggestions from the RefWorks / Facebook communities  for consideration.

I have created a Facebook Group so that interested Facebook members can post their suggestions on The Group Wall
(or Discussion Board, if a long suggestion).

[Those who are not Facebook members are welcome to join / Or send suggestions to me directly (gerrymck at iastate.edu)]

The Facebook Group name is _RefWorksFacebookAppFunctions_ and is available at

 [ http://iastate.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2389549868 ]

Thanks for considering!


Gerry McKiernan
Science and Technology Librarian
Iowa State University Library
Ames IA 5011

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