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GreatArticle:  "I'll See You On 'Facebook' ... 


I just posted excerpts from a MostExcellent Article on my _Friends_ blog titled 

"I'll See You On 'Facebook': The Effects of Computer-Mediated Teacher Self-Disclosure on Student Motivation, Affective Learning, and Classroom Climate,"

by Joseph P. Mazer, Richard E. Murphy, and Cheri J. Simonds 

[Communication Education, Volume 56, Issue 1 January 2007 , pages 1 - 17] 


Self-disclosure is one approach that teachers may take to develop relationships with their students. However, as communication technology develops at an increasing rate, it is important for teachers to recognize how certain technologies, even those used largely by students, can positively affect student-teacher relationships. Facebook is a contemporary technological tool that can offer teachers and students a unique method to nurture the student-teacher relationship, which can ultimately create a positive learning experience for both parties.

The direct _Friends_ posting is at

[ http://onlinesocialnetworks.blogspot.com/2007/06/ill-see-you-on-facebook.html ] 

BTW: It appears that a PDF version of the article is available free-of-charge[?] [See 'Source' in the _Friends_ posting for the link]

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