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Here is the final call for papers for publication in a
special issue of Journal of Community Informatics. 

Here is a tentative schedule: four months for papers
(from January 15 2007 to May 15 2007), four months for editorial work
(not to go beyond September 2007) and publication in October or November

Journal of Community Informatics
Special issue on India and Community Informatics 
Guest editor: Subbiah Arunachalam

January 13, 2006. 

The Journal of Community Informatics
<http://ci-journal.net> brings together academics, CI practitioners and
national and multi-lateral policy makers from around the world. Each
issue of the Journal of Community Informatics contains double blind
peer-reviewed research articles as well as commentaries by leading CI
practitioners and policy makers. (For a brief introduction to Community
Informatics see

A forthcoming special issue of the Journal will focus
on India and community informatics. It is intended as
a forum for specialists in India and elsewhere to
systematize the research currently being undertaken by
CI practitioners and academics with respect to CI in
the Indian context. This issue will also integrate the
national discussion with the academic research in
community informatics worldwide. We would like to
cover both the work of practitioners in the field and theoretical and
methodological proposals directly and indirectly related with community

We invite original, non-published articles.
Comparative and analytical exercises, based on
original research or secondary sources, are also

The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics. If
you feel that there is any subject related to
Community Informatics and India worth including,
please feel free to submit a paper or to consult with
the guest editor. 

o	General outlook of the issues of CI in India
o	Country Case Studies, including comparative studies
with other countries 
o	Discussion of specific issues, among them: 
o	New analytical and methodological approaches to
address, research or drafting of public policies
regarding imbalances of access and usage of ICTs in
o	Multilingual, multiethnic communities
o	The role of Community Based Telecenters and Cyber
o	Infrastructure development and regulation
o	IP regulation and its consequences for CI in the
o	Community oriented ICT hardware developments
o	Community oriented ICT software developments
o	ICTs and Education in communities
o	ICTs and Health in communities
o	Strategic use of ICTs in communities
o	Approaches to sustainability of CI related projects
o	Small and Medium Business support within communities
o	Community based Business Models
o	Usability and Communities - Problems and Innovations
in Human-Computer-Interaction

It is expected that potential authors will submit both
full articles for peer-review, as well as short
pieces, commenting on specific experiences and / or
policy / regulatory issues, to be reviewed by the
guest editor. Authors of books and reports are invited
to send them for comment in the book review section of
the special issue. 

This issue of the Journal will accept submissions in
English only. 
For information about submission requirements, please
<http://ci-journal.net/submissions.php> or to submit
an article directly register as an author and upload
to the system. A free subscription may be obtained by registering at

For further information, clarifications, comments or suggestions, and to
send papers for consideration, please contact the Guest Editor Subbiah
Arunachalam [subbiah.arunachalam at gmail.com] or the Editor in
Chief: Michael Gurstein [Gurstein at gmail.com].

Dr. Michel J. Menou
Visiting Professor, SLAIS, University College London, U.K.
Consultant in ICT policies and Knowledge & Information Management
Adviser of Somos at Telecentros board http://www.tele-centros.org
Member of the founding steering committee of 
Telecenters of the Americas Partnership http://www.tele-centers.net/
B.P. 15
F-49350 Les Rosiers sur Loire, France
Email: micheljmenou [at] gmail[dot]com
Michel[dot]Menou [at]wanadoo[dot]fr
Phone: +33 (0)2 41511043

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