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The editors (see below) of _Government Information Quarterly:  An
International Journal of Information and Technology Management, Policies,
and Practices_ are pleased to announce the release of Volume 22, number 2
(Government Information Quarterly
<http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/issue/6542-2007-999759997-647860> ,
 Pages 243-502 (April 2007).  The issue contains articles and reviews
related to e-government, government documents, and information policies and

Issue 2 articles include:

1. Editorial Board 
Page CO2 
2. Analyzing e-government research: Perspectives, philosophies, theories,
methods, and practice 
Pages 243-265 
Richard Heeks and Savita Bailur 

3. Understanding the evolution of e-government: The influence of systems of
rules on public sector dynamics
Pages 266-290 
J. Ramon Gil-Garcia and Ignacio J. Martinez-Moyano 

4. Customer orientation in electronic government: Motives and effects 
Pages 291-311 
Kuno Schedler and Lukas Summermatter 
5. E-disclosure laws and electronic campaign finance reform: Lessons from
the diffusion of e-government policies in the States 
Pages 312-325 
Ramona McNeal, Mary Schmeida and Kathleen Hale 

6. Communication management in the public sector: Consequences for public
communication about policy intentions 
Pages 326-337 
Dave Gelders, Geert Bouckaert and Betteke van Ruler 

7. Managing IT-enabled transformation in the public sector: A case study on
e-government in South Korea 
Pages 338-352 
Hyun Jeong Kim, Gary Pan and Shan Ling Pan 
8. Applying participatory design and collaboration in digital public
services for discovering and re-designing e-Government services  
Pages 353-376 
Leo G. Anthopoulos, Panagiotis Siozos and Ioannis A. Tsoukalas 
9. The accessibility of Chinese local government Web sites: An exploratory
Pages 377-403 
Yuquan Shi 

10. Challenge of rural people to reduce digital divide in the globalized
world: Theory and practice
Pages 404-413 
Hasan Akca, Murat Sayili and Kemal Esengun 
11. EPA glossaries: The struggle to define environmental terms
Pages 414-428 
Dale Alexander Stirling 
12. The information behaviors of environmental planners: An exploratory
Pages 429-442 
Athulang Mutshewa 
13. American Indian treaties and the lower federal courts: A guide to treaty
citations from opinions of the lower United States federal court system 
Pages 443-469 
Charles D. Bernholz 
14. Providing census tabulations to government security agencies in the
United States: The case of Arab Americans 
Pages 470-487 
Samia El-Badry and David A. Swanson 


15. Return Migration: Policies and Practices in Europe, International
Organization for Migration, International Organization for Migration, Geneva
(2004) ISBN 92-9068-190-X 402 pp. $30.00 USD 
Pages 488-490 
Charles D. Bernholz 
16. Climatescience.gov <climatescience.gov>, visited May 22, 2006, managed
by the US Climate Change Science Program, Suite 250, 1717 Pennsylvania Ave,
NW, Washington, DC 2006. 
Pages 490-491 
Claudene Sproles 
17. Kevin B. Smith, Alan Greenblatt and Jon Buntin, Governing States and
Localities, CQ Press, Washington (2005) ISBN 1-56802-789-3, p. 558 $79.95
(alk. paper).  
Pages 491-493 
Dan Stanton 
18. U.S. Department of Justice. Legal Authorities Supporting the Activities
of the National Security Agency Described by the President. (2006).  
Pages 493-495 
Bert Chapman 
19. Joan M. Reitz, Editor, Dictionary for Library and Information Science,
Libraries Unlimited, Westport, CT (2004) ISBN 1-56308-962-9 788 pp. 
Page 496 
Denise Arial Dorris 

Government Information Quarterly is a quarterly publication of Elsevier
Science.  The journal explores such topics as information and
telecommunications policy; e-government; access to and use of government
information; information technology management, implementation, planning,
and evaluation; information services development, management, and provision
in a distributed networked environment; service quality assessment,
benchmarking, and performance measurement; and governing and governance in a
networked environment.  GIQ articles are available through ScienceDirect at

Additional information regarding the journal and journal submissions is
available at:  http://www.elsevier.com/locate/govinf.

John Carlo Bertot <jbertot at fsu.edu>, College of Information, Florida State
University serves as the journal editor.

Charles R. McClure <cmcclure at lis.fsu.edu>, College of Information, Florida
State University serves as the journal associate editor.

John A. Shuler <alfred at uic.edu>, Documents, Maps, Microforms, & Curriculum
Department, University of Illinois Chicago serves as journal assistant

Aimee C. Quinn <aquinn5 at cnm.edu>, Associate Director, Montoya Campus
Library, Central New Mexico Community College serves as journal assistant

Suzanne Holcombe <suzanne.holcombe at okstate.edu>, Documents Department,
Oklahoma State University serves as reviews editor.

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* Professor                                         Fax: (850) 644-4522 *
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