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Howard Rosenbaum hrosenba at indiana.edu
Mon Sep 19 12:45:38 EDT 2005

Apologies for cross posting.

The Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations
(JIITO) has just been launched. Please visit the journal's site at:

JIITO is an academically peer reviewed journal, which will be published 
and in print by the Informing Science Institute. The online journal is 
free of charge.

The purpose of JIITO is to encourage authors to develop and publish
quality papers that address in a balanced manner all three entities
signified in its title: information, information technology (IT), and 
organizational context.

Other journals commonly focus on either IT or on information, all but
excluding the other. In contrast, JIITO gives equal treatment both to IT
and information, while conceiving information broadly in terms of
knowledge, wisdom, meaning, and data. Information and IT need to be
studied in the context of tasks or processes, spanning over appropriate
levels of analysis--individual, group, organizational, 
community, and so on. JIITO welcomes investigations of organizations of
any sort, any industry, and any relevant social domain.

JIITO encourages articles that use rich, detailed accounts of 
and IT. Any topic and any philosophical perspective that help us to make
sense of information and IT in organizations is welcome. Of particular
interest are empirical studies that explain how organizations cope,
prosper, change, fail with respect to using, managing, designing and
adopting information systems. In the conceptual realm, JIITO encourages
articles that take a critical look at advent, genesis and and uses of
models that have influenced IS research for considerable time (more in
Editorial Statement at: http://jiito.org/statement.html).

To submit an article, please visit http://jiito.org, or jump directly to
the page: http://submit.jiito.org/author/submit.php.

To became a reviewer, please visit http://jiito.org, or jump directly to
the page: http://submit.jiito.org/review/signup.php.

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts and help with the review

Bob Travica
Bob Travica, Asper Sch. of Business, 
JIITO Editor-in-Chief, http://jiito.org

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