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Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 18:59:51 +0200
From: Niels Windfeld Lund <Niels.Windfeld.Lund at hum.uit.no>
Subject: [Air-l] Join The Document Theory Online discussion NOW
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Dear colleagues and friends

If you think it is interesting to discuss the 
characteristics of what you mostly are searching 
for on the Internet, a useful DOCUMENT, then join 
the online work on Document Theory, now in a 
bilingual form , go to 
, follow the guide how to contribute to the 

It is a initiative taken by the International 
document research community primarily based on 
the French RTP-doc community, 
but also more and more document scholars around 
the world, related to the Document Academy, an 
international  network based on collaboration 
between Documentation Studies, University of 
Troms, Norway and SIMS, University of California. 

French Document Scholars have for 2-3 years now 
worked on document theory through a collaborative 
writing process, better known as Monsieur Roger 
T. Pedauque. The first paper, existing in a 
French version as well as in a English version, 
mention three main perspectives, form, sign and 
medium. The first text focus on form, 
while the second (only in French) focus on sign, 
on meaning, 

The third one focus on document as medium or 
document and the medium dimension. The starting 
text has just been launched in a French and a 
English version 
and they are supposed to be discussed and revised 
during the coming months. At the Summerschool in 
Tromso in late June/Early July , There are still 
more seats available at the summerschool
a preliminary status text will be presented and 
discussed.  A more final version of the works by 
M. Roger will be presented at the DOCAM 
conference at Berkeley in October 7-9 2005.

If you think the document is an important 
dimension on the Internet, then join the 
discussion and be a part of the  emergent 
document theory building process


Niels W. Lund
professor, Chair of The document Academy, member of Roger T. Pedauque group

Niels Windfeld Lund, professor,
Dokumentasjonsvitenskap - Documentation Studies
Institute of  Culture and Literature
HUM-FAK, Universitetet i Tromsø/University of Tromsoe
Breivika, N-9037 Tromsoe, Norway
tlf. +47-77646284, fax + 47-77644239


Dr. Michel J. Menou
Consultant in ICT policies and Knowledge & Information Management
Adviser of Somos at Telecentros board http://www.tele-centros.org
B.P. 15
49350 Les Rosiers sur Loire, France
Email: Michel.Menou at wanadoo.fr
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