[Asis-l] SIGIR 2005 Workshop on IR in Context

nick belkin nick at belkin.rutgers.edu
Tue May 3 17:33:33 EDT 2005

Second Workshop on Information Retrieval in Context (IRiX)
SIGIR 2005, Salvador, Brazil, 19 August 2005

IR research is now conducted in multi-media, multi-lingual, and 
multi-modal environments but largely in a context-free manner. However, 
the retrieval of such information will depend on time, place, history of 
interaction, task in hand, and a range of other factors that are not 
given explicitly but are implicit in the interaction and ambient 
environment, namely the context. Such contextual data can be used 
effectively to constrain retrieval of information thereby reducing the 
complexity of the retrieval process. Based on the experiences from last 
years’ IRiX workshop this workshop will focus on three major lines of 
action that explore the central features or evidence of context:

1. What are the elements of context, which are potentially significant 
to information retrieval?
2. Which of these categories/elements are, or could be useful in 
improving information retrieval?
3. How can features of context be used to improve information retrieval?

To submit a position paper or discussion group proposal, please send the 
following to Professor Peter Ingwersen (pi at db.dk) by email, no later 
than 15 May 2005:
•	A short bio (max 100 words) in plain ASCII
•	Short Position Papers (max 2000 words in PDF) to be evaluated for 
quality and innovation, for oral presentation and/or included only as 
central background information guiding discussion groups
•	Discussion group proposals (max. 200 words in PDF), dedicated to the 
Workshop action lines – to be selected by the Program Committee

The position paper should be formatted according to the standard SIGIR 
templates available at: http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/template.html,
using the "Option 2" style - and then converted to PDF. Submissions will 
be reviewed by the organizing and review committee and invitations to 
oral presentation will be sent accordingly. Accepted submissions will be 
included in the Working Notes to be distributed during the workshop.

For further, detailed information, please see the IRiX web site at 

For complete information about SIGIR 2005, please see the SIGIR 2005 web 
site at http://www.dcc.ufmg.br/eventos/sigir2005/

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