[Asis-l] Potential new SIG on Blogs, Wikis & Podcasting

Anita S. Coleman asc at u.arizona.edu
Thu Jun 23 11:45:42 EDT 2005


I like Jeremy's Social Software idea and think it's needed in the way that
Michel alludes to, a blend of theory, research and practice - one reason
why I started ASC Online in 2002 as an IS/IT mentoring blog where I did
some LIS/IT role modeling for my students.  I also second Sheila's
suggestion that this be a mostly virtual SIG (or whatever) for those of us
who blog, wiki, podcast, etc. and can't always travel.  This could all be
designed in a way to fit in with the communities of interest/practice that
Michael mentioned and which I love. For example, when we tried to get the
AZ ASIST chapter rejuvenated a while ago, the wiki turned out to be an
excellent tool to get students, educators and practitioners working
together (initial goal of virtual community building).

Related thoughts: Group blogging is a natural outgrowth from individual
blog activity, and in general it's something that I haven't seen as well
done among those of us who run individual blogs as in some other
communities (although there might be a few exceptions). And, multimedia
integration with podcasting or other means could become the icing on the
cake of this community of interest :) Hope all this makes sense.  Thanks.


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