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Measuring the Information Society
Monique Ramioul, Ursula Huws & An Bollen (eds.)

The development of a global Knowledge-based Society has presented huge new
challenges to statisticians as occupations, businesses, production and work
processes and labour market be­haviour are transformed at accelerating
speed. In the absence of reliable data, the public debate is all too often
based on anecdote, hype or misinformation. The speed and scope of the
current labour market changes instigate new demands for information, coming
from policy-makers, jour­nalists, academics and other stakeholders. Some of
these demands include: How many companies practice offshore outsourcing and
how many jobs are at risk? How many teleworkers are there? How many people
work in call centres? How many people use computers at work? How many work
in virtual teams? How fast are these trends growing? Which countries are
leading these develop­ments and which are lagging behind? Is work really
becoming more flexible? And are workers really becoming more mobile?
Drawing on the work of the European STILE project (www.STILE.be), this
unique book brings together contributions from leading European academic and
independent research institutes and National Statistical Institutes,
academic experts and international organisations. The result is a
comprehensive overview - indispensable reading for statisticians,
researchers or policy-makers with an interest in gaining an accurate insight
into the economic and social upheavals accompanying technological change and
informing a responsible public debate on the future of work.
Measuring the labour market in the New Economy: the work of the STILE
project / Monique Ramioul & An Bollen
European establishment surveys: obstacles and opportunities on the road to
cross-national convergence / Peter Ester, Markus Promberger & Amelia Román
Employers’ demand for part-time workers: incidence and motives in Germany
and the Netherlands / Piet Allaart & Lutz Bellmann
Reflections on mobility in the New Economy / Anders Ekeland
A cost benefit assessment of administrative databases and surveys in
measuring labour market mobility / Mikael Åkerblom
Measuring labour market mobility in the ICT sector / Alex Stimpson & Maarten
Measuring potential offshoring of ICT intensive using occupations / Desirée
van Welsum & Graham Vickery
Coding and classification of sectors and occupations in the eEconomy /
Ursula Huws
Occupational profiling in the Information Society / Ben Hövels
New occupations in a new economic environment: European similarities and
differences / An Bollen & Monique Ramioul
How to measure eWork in social surveys / Giovanna Altieri, Francesca della
Ratta & Cristina Oteri
Telework: the latest figures and what they mean / Joanne Pratt
Interplay of technological and organisational innovations: the case of eWork
diffusion in the New Member States / Csaba Makó & Miklós Illéssy
Leuven: HIVA
2005 250p. ISBN: 90-5550-403-3
HIVA publication n° 959
19.5 € (exclusive shipping)
This publication can be ordered by email (HIVA at kuleuven.be), by fax (+32 16
323344) or via our ordering facilities on our website www.hiva.be.

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