[Asis-l] Potential new SIG on Blogs, Wikis & Podcasting

Michel J. Menou Michel.Menou at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jun 21 08:00:35 EDT 2005

Does BWP also means "Building whose power" ?  :-)
This refers to the social use of the said technologies, not the intents 
of the members who are suggesting to set up the SIG.
While it is important to provide an opportunity for members to focus on, 
and get the most excitment from, new technological developments, one may 
wonder if setting up SIGs on such topics is the most appropriate response.
We have seen a number of  initiatives in the past, that only old timers 
rember, though not so easily - who remembers that SIG/CON session at 
which the Miss-information SIG was launched. And nothing happen untill 
national security legiclation came up :-)
I'd rather see these congregations come and prosper as a special task 
force, or whatever name, under a wider umbrella, such as a joint effort 
of SIG/SA and SIG/IT (neither of these actually exist, SA= social 
aspects and IT= information technologies).
Or else, I'm bringing up again the un-concluded (-conclusive?) debate 
about divisions versus SIGs. Looking at the issue from another angle, 
the proportion of active members, and their scatter through existing 
SIGs, versus the minimal demographics to keep a structure within the 
society, whether SIG or chapter, active, rewarding and productive for all.

Michael R. Leach wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I have been approached by a number of members within ASIST about the 
> formation of a new Special Interest Group on Blogs, Wikis, and 
> Podcasting—think of it as “SIG-BWP” for the moment. At this point, I 
> am just soliciting everyone to see who else may be interested in 
> joining, leading, supporting a new SIG-BWP. Send me your contact 
> information and I will “keep you in the loop” as we move forward with 
> this initiative. Thanks.
> Michael Leach
> President-Elect, ASIST
> leach at physics.harvard.edu <mailto:leach at physics.harvard.edu>

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