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                     T H E   G R E Y   J O U R N A L

              An International Journal on Grey Literature
                     Summer 2005, Volume 1, Number 2

            ‘R e p o s i t o r i e s  –  h o m e 2 g r e y’

C O N T E N T S     http://www.greynet.org/pages/5     ISSN 1574-1796

Editor's Note                                                          60

· Knock, Knock: Are Institutional Repositories a Home for GL?          61
  Julia Gelfand (United States)

· Making Grey Literature Available through Institutional Repositories  67
  LeRoy J. LaFleur and Nathan Rupp (United States)

· Grisemine, A Digital Library of Grey University Literature           73
  Marie-France Claerebout (France)

· Wallops Island Balloon Technology:
  Can’t see the Repository for the Documents                           77
  Andrea C. Japzon and Nikkia Anderson (United States)

· Sharing Grey Literature by using OA-x                                83
  Elly Dijk (Netherlands)

· Building an Autonomous Citation Index for Grey Literature:
  RePEc, The Economics Working Papers Case                             91
  José Manuel Barrueco (Spain), Thomas Krichel (United States)

‘On the News Front’

 · El Nino and Grey Literature, A CORDIS News Interview with           98
   Dr. Sven Thatje (Germany)
 · GL7 Conference News                                                100

About the Authors                                                     102

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