[Asis-l] Directory EXIT (Experts in Information Handling)

Tomas Baiget baiget at sarenet.es
Sat Jun 11 15:48:52 EDT 2005

Dear colleagues,

After several months of testing, we are pleased to present you with the
Directorio EXIT (Directory of Experts in Information Handling), a tool
that permits Spanish-speaking professionals working in the area of
librarianship, documentation, and archives to be in touch with others
experts working in the same fields.

EXIT is a free not for profit service.

Admission of new members is handled by the international Evaluation
http://www.directorioexit.info/comite.php and, although criteria will be
flexible, the following aspects of a candidate's background will be
- professional experience in positions of responsibility in libraries and
information/documentation centers;
- participation in R&D projects;
- teaching activity;
- publication of books and articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals;
- availability of a web page (in its place, a CV in PDF format can be
- citations in Google Scholar, as well as in Internet search
engines in library and information-related fields.

EXIT now has some 250 members, mainly in Spain, Portugal and the Americas.

We would like to point out some of the advanced characteristics of this

- mechanisms that protect against the capture by robots of e-mail address;
- standardization of organizational names;
- insertion (optional) of pdf files with members' CVs (of special interest
to persons without a personal web page);
- automatic linking to works deposited by the experts in the E-LIS
- possibility of editing the search equations of Google, Google Scholar,
Yahoo and MSN in order to optimize it for each person;
- obtaining a measurement of popularity in each URL on the experts'
records, including a TouchGraphics-Google map;
- automatic real-time checking of all addresses included in the records;
- immediate conversion of the records into XML, RDF and vCard formats;
- etc.

Of course, the best thing would be to see it for yourself.  If you feel
that you meet the admission requirements, please fill in the registration
form at the following URL:

Kind regards,

Josep-Manuel Rodríguez-Gairín  and  Tomàs Baiget
Managers, EXIT
Barcelona, Spain

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