[Asis-l] Directory EXIT (Experts in Information Handling)

Tomas Baiget baiget at sarenet.es
Fri Jun 3 09:30:22 EDT 2005

**Apologies for cross-posting**

Dear colleagues,

After several months of testing, we are pleased to present you with the
Directorio EXIT (Directory of Experts in Information Handling), a tool
that permits Spanish-speaking professionals working in the area of
librarianship, documentation, and archives to be in touch with others
experts working in the same fields.

Admission of new members is handled by the international Evaluation
http://www.directorioexit.info/comite.php and, although criteria will be
flexible, the following aspects of a candidate's background will be
- professional experience in positions of responsibility in libraries and
information/documentation centers;
- participation in R&D projects;
- teaching activity;
- publication of books and articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals;
- availability of a web page (in its place, a CV in PDF format can be
- citations in Google Scholar, as well as in Internet search
engines in library and information-related fields.

EXIT now has some 180 members, mainly in Spain, Portugal and the Americas.

We would like to point out some of the advanced characteristics of this

- mechanisms that protect against the capture by robots of e-mail address;
- standardization of organizational names;
- insertion (optional) of pdf files with members' CVs (of special interest
to persons without a personal web page);
- automatic linking to works deposited by the experts in the E-LIS
- possibility of editing the search equations of Google, Google Scholar,
Yahoo and MSN in order to optimize it for each person;
- obtaining a measurement of popularity in each URL on the experts'
records, including a TouchGraphics-Google map;
- automatic real-time checking of all addresses included in the records;
- immediate conversion of the records into XML, RDF and vCard formats;
- etc.

Of course, the best thing would be to see it for yourself.  If you feel
that you meet the admission requirements, please fill in the registration
form at the following URL:

Kind regards,

Josep-Manuel Rodríguez-Gairín  and  Tomàs Baiget
Managers, EXIT
Barcelona, Spain

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