[Asis-l] HCIL seminar, Sept 21 2pm, AVW 3258

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Wed Sep 15 11:23:28 EDT 2004

HCIL Seminar Series - Univ of Maryland College Park 

September 21, 2004 Tuesday, 2:00pm, A.V. Williams Building 3258

   - - - Visualizing Email - - - 

   Judith Donath, Sociable Media Group, MIT Media Lab 
   Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Sciences 

The email archives that people accumulate are a dense, complex, and
highly personal record of their past interactions. As email becomes
increasingly ubiquitous, these include not only their work interactions,
but also their relationships with family members, friends, doctors,
teachers, etc. However, current mail clients do little to support these
archives beyond providing a basic filing and searching system.
Furthermore, most of the research that has been done to make these
archives more accessible has focused on the data-mining aspect of the
problem.  Yet personal email archives are valuable to their owner's not
solely because of the useful information they contain; they are valuable
because they are a record of relationships, of the energy put into
ideas, of the rhythms of discussions and the arrival of new people. This
talk will address approaches to visualizing email archives based on the
social material they contain.

Judith Donath is an Assistant Professor at the MIT Media Lab, where she
directs the Sociable Media research group. Her work focuses on the
social side of computing, synthesizing knowledge from fields such as
graphic design, urban studies and cognitive science to build innovative
interfaces for online communities and virtual identities. She pioneered
a number of social applications for the web, including the first
postcard service ("The Electric Postcard"), the first interactive,
juried art show ("Portraits in Cyberspace") and an early large-scale web
event ("A Day in the Life of Cyberspace"). Recently, she directed
"Id/Entity", an exhibit of collaboratively produced installations
examining science and technology's transformation of the subject and
form of portraiture. Her current research focuses on creating expressive
visualizations of social interactions and on building experimental
environments that mix real and virtual experiences. Professor Donath
received her doctoral !
 and master's degrees in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT, her
bachelor's degree in History from Yale University, and has worked
professionally as a designer and builder of educational software and
experimental media.
Host: Ben Shneiderman (ben at cs.umd.edu)

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