[Asis-l] Draft of Digital Reference Competencies on DREI - Welcome Suggestions

Joann Wasik jmwasik at iis.syr.edu
Fri Sep 3 20:26:31 EDT 2004

The Digital Reference Education Initiative (DREI) Advisory Board has
drafted a set of core competencies for digital reference education and
practice that is now posted on the DREI site. "Rubrics for Digital
Reference Service Providers" is a working document, for which we welcome
comments and suggestions from the virtual reference community. The rubrics
have been developed to aid in the teaching of virtual reference to LIS
students, as well as to act as a guide for the hiring, training, and
assessment of practicing librarians and reference staff with digital
reference responsibilities.

Please take a look at the competencies at

Again, we are very interested in input from the digital reference
community at large about this draft. Please send your comments to Ken
Lavender at kenlavender at YAHOO.COM.


                        Joann M. Wasik
          Research Consultant & Communications Officer
                   The Virtual Reference Desk
                        Project Manager
             Digital Reference Education Initiative
                      jmwasik at iis.syr.edu

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