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ICT, the Knowledge Society and Changes in Work
1st Bi-annual European Conference
The Netherlands, 9 & 10 June 2005
Social and Cultural Planning Office, The Hague
Conference website <http://www.nwo.nl/nwohome.nsf/pages/NWOP_64PB8P>
Changes in ICT and work offer the framework for the conference. First and
foremost among those changes is the emergence of the information society, in
which production and employment are increasingly geared to the development
of information and the creation of knowledge. Secondly, there is the growing
importance of ICT-tools at the workplace. As a consequence, the work process
and the organization of work are also undergoing major changes. Of course,
not only does ICT have an impact on work, but also the other way around:
social forces (the social dialogue, institutional shaping, transitional
labour markets) influence technological developments. The relationship
between ICT and work is reciprocal.
The focus of the conference is on the impact of ICT and the knowledge
society on work, the quality of work and new forms of work organization
(networks, virtual teams). Special attention will be paid to the development
of skill and competencies, the role of institutions, social actors and
regulation and on new groups at risk (see also the preliminary programme and
the subthemes).
The conference is organized by SISWO/Social Policy Research
<http://www.siswo.uva.nl/angloam/index1.html> in close co-operation with
(and funded by) NWO-MES
<http://www.nwo.nl/nwohome.nsf/pages/NWOP_5V6M2M_Eng> (The Dutch 'Society
and the Electronic Highway' research funding programme) and the Dutch
Cultural Planning Office SCP <http://www.scp.nl/english/index.shtml>.
Book your place for the conference using the online registration form
Abstract (at least three A4-pages) for a thematic workshop hase to be send
to the convenor of that workshop.

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