[Asis-l] Meet Prospective Employers at VRD 2004 Conference

Joann Wasik jmwasik at iis.syr.edu
Wed Oct 6 10:11:32 EDT 2004

Please excuse any cross-postings.

Looking for a job? For a limited time, job-seekers may post their resumes
on the Digital Reference Education Initiative (DREI) Web site at
http://drei.syr.edu/job_details.cfm?JobTypeID=1 and perhaps meet a
prospective employer at the VRD Reference Conference in Cincinnati on
November 8-9, 2004. Please note that all resumes will remain publicly
available until the conclusion of the conference.

Applicants should have some experience, or interest, in digital reference.
Interested employers may e-mail job seekers directly to arrange

For more information on the VRD 2004 Conference, please see the conference
Web site at http://www.vrd2004.org/.

                        Joann M. Wasik
          Research Consultant & Communications Officer
                   The Virtual Reference Desk
                        Project Manager
             Digital Reference Education Initiative
                      jmwasik at iis.syr.edu

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