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* ERPANET Workshop         *
* Antwerpen, Belgium       *
* April 14-16, 2004        *
* The Role of              *
* Audit and Certification  *
* in Digital Preservation  *

ERPANET is pleased to announce its workshop on the role of audit and certification in digital preservation. This three-day workshop, co-hosted by the Stadsarchief Antwerpen, will be held in Antwerpen (Belgium) on April 14-16, 2004.

The workshop will explore the purposes of audit and certification and examine their use within digital preservation. Issues will include: the implementation of audit frameworks and standards; corporate roles and responsibilities; and, experiences of audit (financial management, government, and information systems). Practical examples from various environments will be offered to stimulate discussion of the issues involved.


The target audience for this workshop is wide. Some anticipated participants are: managers with the remit to monitor the successful implementation of policies in their organisations; auditors themselves wishing to learn about standards and frameworks for conducting an audit with regard to digital preservation; and, staff involved in the implementation of a digital preservation programme wishing to explore methods of ensuring authenticity and reliability. 

Participants will learn about the value of an auditing framework in the management of digital information, and will be equipped to implement measures in their own organisations.


Opening:	14th April, 09:30
* what is audit?
* audit in perspective: financial audit, information audit
* roles and responsibilities
* sustainability measures
* the policy framework
* standards and guidelines
* audit experiences
Closing:	16th April, 13:00

Speakers will come from the fields of auditing, digital preservation, and records management. Both the public and private sectors will be represented.


Over the course of five sessions experts will present their perspectives and experiences. In three breakout sessions, one each day, participants will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences and concerns in smaller groups. (Further information will be available during the next couple of weeks at www.erpanet.org.)


The venue is the University of Antwerp, in the historic centre of the city.

__To Register__

The registration fee is 150 Euro - to be paid in due time before the seminar.
Online registration is possible at  www.erpanet.org

For additional information, please contact dutch.editor at erpanet.org

Andreas Aschenbrenner - ERPANET Editor
Nationaal Archief,2509LM Den Haag,The Netherlands
(T)+31 70 3315578,(F)+31 70 3315499,(E) dutch.editor at erpanet.org

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