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The Palmer School of Library & Information Science offers a variety of
courses over the summer in a condensed format on current topics in the
library and information science field.

The following courses will be offered at our Manhattan campus, located
in Bobst Library of NYU.  (To view our complete summer schedule, go to
our web site at http://palmer.cwpost.liu.edu/schedule.html)
LIS 901D-Legal Database Searching 
Fridays, May 19th-June 20th, 9:30-4:30
This advanced legal research class will focus on the customized skills
required of reference librarians in law libraries.   The first goal is
to familiarize the students with the working language and understanding
of the process of litigating a case and the role that librarians play in
compiling research.  Secondly, advanced skills in legal database
searching will be taught by concentrating on the specialized areas of
tax, securities and corporate law. Students will be given an
introduction to these areas and will search and compare the online
sources.    It is expected that students will have taken LIS 608-Legal
Sources and Services or have equivalent experience.
Grades will be based on papers that combine solving a research question
and evaluating the quality of the sources, their authenticity, accuracy
and cost.  As this course will be taught in the NYU Law Library,
enrollment is limited to 16 students.
Taught by NYU Law Library staff
LIS 901E- Knowledge Management 
Tuesdays & Thursdays, June 30th-August 1st, 6:00-9:00 
The course examines the discipline of Knowledge Management as applied in
large organizations-from assuring an organization’s knowledge strategy
is tightly linked to its business objectives to sharing tacit knowledge
through narrative capture techniques.  Specific cases and examples will
be used along with proven techniques for identifying, capturing, and
sharing knowledge resources within organizations.  While a review of
technological enablers will be included, a greater focus will be placed
on the organizational enablers-the measures, incentives, cultural and
behavioral issues that often keep individuals from sharing what they
know.  The course will provide an increased understanding of how to make
knowledge management real in your organization.
Taught by Rich Azzarello, President of Reality Consulting Inc.

LIS 900J- Electronic Library Materials: Collection & Acquisition 
Monday-Friday, May 12-16, 9:30-4:30
Aimed at the practitioner as well as the library school student, this
institute is intended to provide an overview of the approaches libraries
are taking to expand electronic resources and redefine collections. 
Through a combination of readings, case studies, lectures and
discussions, we will focus on the theoretical as well as the practical. 
Attendees can expect to explore processes for selecting, budgeting, and
acquiring electronic materials. The migration from print to electronic
varies in speed and extent by discipline; electronic products are
interdisciplinary and expensive, giving rise to selection by committee;
projections for future funding are guesswork; and archiving and content
control are problematic. Legal and negotiation skills are now mandatory.
To complicate matters, decisions are often made through a consortium. 
Though both instructors work in an academic library and focus on the
academic environment, the content of this institute is appropriate to
other library settings.  
Taught by Angela Carreno and Evelyn Ehrlich of NYU’s Bobst Library
For a registration brochure courses please send your name and address
Evangeline King
eking at liu.edu  
Program Director, Manhattan Campus
Palmer School of Library and Information Science
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