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Tue Oct 22 12:41:06 EDT 2002


A colleague and I will be offering a tutorial at CSCW this year that I 
thought might be of interest.  For more info on CSCW 2002, see 

Tutorial Abstract: Qualitative Analysis Tool Overview
Instructors: Laura Neumann and Nelle Steele, Microsoft Corporation, USA

Origin: This tutorial is new for CSCW 2002.

Goals and content: This tutorial will give an overview of qualitative 
analysis software tools which automate the sometimes painful tasks of 
sorting, synthesizing and re-sorting data.  It is intended for a range of 
participants— from those who have never used a computer for qualitative data 
analysis to people who have perhaps done some research on various tools but 
haven’t delved deeply into them. This tutorial will not be a “tips and 
tricks” for the advanced qualitative data analysis software user. Instead, 
we will focus on giving participants some background with QDA tools overall, 
and then provide some experience with using one of the common tools.  While 
by necessity we will talk in some detail about field methods, this will not 
be a research methods tutorial.  Participants ideally will have some 
personal experience with planning, carrying out and analyzing a qualitative 
research project. Those without such experience who want to participate in 
this tutorial should contact the organizers.

The morning half of the session will be an introduction and overview of QDA 
tools, and the afternoon will be an opportunity for participants to get some 
practice working with a tool.  Participants will gain hands-on, working 
knowledge of an analysis tool which will give them a sense of the typical 
functionality in these tools.  After taking this tutorial, students will be 
able to: 1) make an educated decision on whether or not to use an analysis 
tool, 2) decide which analysis package may be right for them, and 3) use an 
analysis tool in their research.

Specifically, the tutorial will include: why one may or may not choose to 
use a qualitative analysis tool; how these tools may impact research design 
and / or data analysis design; a history and discussion of common features 
of QDA tools; a comparison of the most common tools being used by 
qualitative researchers today; best practices / trouble spots when using 
qualitative analysis tools; ending with substantial instruction and hands-on 
practice with one qualitative analysis tool.

Intended audience: This tutorial is intended for qualitative researchers who 
are fed up with  copying, pasting, stacking and sorting data as piles of 
paper or those that are simply interested in alternative qualitative data 
analysis methods.  This tutorial will assume that the audience is familiar 
with qualitative research methods and / or field research. Previous 
experience with qualitative research tools is not expected.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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