[Asis-l] Napster Died for Your Sins -- Info policy panel in Cleveland OH

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Mon Oct 21 19:07:38 EDT 2002

Napster Died for Your Sins :
America's Role as World Information Producer,
Protector & Policy Maker
October 23, 2002
2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Thwing Center, Room 1914 Lounge
Case Western Reserve University

A panel discusses the changing dynamics of America's information policy.
This is a free event sponsored by the Case Western Reserve University
Libraries and the Provost's Office Annual Theme Committee.  Participants

Tim White - anchor, WKYC TV
Stanton Sloane - VP, data systems division, Lockheed Martin
Ted Gup - CWRU professor, author, journalist
Wat Cluverius - President, Cleveland Council on World Affairs and former
U.S. ambassador
Brenda Boorda - information security manager, U.S. Naval War College

The panel will explore both America's policies and how America is affected
by the information policies of other countries.  As technology enables
information content to be easily and quickly distributed, the issues of
copyright, personal information privacy and research handling policies
become global in nature.

The panel discussion will explore topics such as:

* America's information policies as they relate to other
* America's information handling laws and how they may (or may not)
dovetail with other countries.
* America's R&D assets and its policies of technology transfer.
* America's role in helping other countries develop information

Please join us for what promises to be an interesting and thought provoking

For info: Sally Fell sbf3 at cwru.edu

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