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What is one of our Monday Plenary Speakers doing?  Below is a link to an 
article in today's Washington Post about "...[a] missile crisis conference, 
which begins Friday, has been organized by the Cuban government and the 
National Security Archive, a research organization at George Washington 
University that specializes in the declassification of foreign policy documents

Tom Blanton, head of the National Security Archive, is one of our Monday 
Plenary speakers, along with Lee Strickland, a 20 year CIA attorney now at 
the Unviersity of Maryland.

  To view the entire article, go to 

  JFK Aides Say Bush Is Wrong On Crisis
   By Kevin Sullivan
   HAVANA, Oct. 10 -- Two top advisers to President John F. Kennedy said 
President Bush is misreading history when he cites Kennedy's actions in the 
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis to justify a preemptive military strike against Iraq.

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