[Asis-l] LIBRARY LEADERS' WORKSHOP: build solid teams, increase productivity, reduce turnover, and much more!

Margaret Delaney delanema at oplin.lib.oh.us
Tue Oct 1 09:47:25 EDT 2002

CREATIVITY DAY CAMP:  innovative library leadership & team building
    with Francine Knight, M.A., Nationally Acclaimed Trainer

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2002 - 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Plaza Conference Center, 200 N. Plaza Boulevard, Chillicothe, OH
(adjacent to the Hampton Inn & Suites and New York New York Restaurant)

$40 to MOLO/OVAL/SOLO Members; $140 non-members; A boxed lunch will be

For registration & up-to-date details visit:

For more details about Creativity Day Camp or any OVAL workshop, contact:
Amanda Bowers, Continuing Education Coordinator,
mailto:bowersam at oplin.lib.oh.us or 1-800-759-1537 x9.

This one-day course is designed to show leaders . . .
creative and effective approaches to everyday matters that will take their
management skills to a whole new level. This seminar will transform you into
the kind of leader who will achieve incredible results for yourself and from
your employees. This seminar will not be in your typical, boring ho-hum
format. This fun, innovative seminar is filled with lively exercises and
discussions that will get your creative juices flowing. This is a fun
approach to "serious" business!

This seminar strategically uses . . .
creativity and humor to get the results many leaders strive for. The
benefits of this day are numerous: reduce turnover, build solid teams,
inspire loyalty, eliminate negative attitudes, increase productivity and of
course - make work more fun! Start the day by learning about leadership and
what you should and should not do. You will learn what will work for you.
Then learn about different types of communication that will benefit you and
your employees. Discover strategies for keeping your environment positive
and morale high. Next learn team building tactics to keep productivity
rolling. One cannot be a great leader without employees behaving. You will
learn different procedures that will help keep your employees in line and
focused. And lastly, you will master the art of playing to your employee's
strengths to benefit them and yourself. This is an exceptional and
rejuvenating day of learning and fun!

By experiencing this exciting seminar, participants will learn . . .
	-innovative motivators proven to increase employee productivity
	-creative discipline solutions to common problems like tardiness, missed
deadlines, absenteeism, and employee squabbles
	-team building games for developing a rock-solid team
	-how-to's for assessing your creative leadership style for its strengths
and weaknesses
	-morale boosters that will make your workplace more fun

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