[Asis-l] SIG-DL at the Annual meeting

Suzie Allard slalla0 at pop.uky.edu
Thu Nov 14 00:21:47 EST 2002

This is it!!  This weekend marks the start of the 2002 ASIST Annual Meeting.

This year SIG-DL has worked with many other SIGs to put together a
comprehensive program of sessions of interest to information professionals
and librarians working in many different contexts.  I've compiled a list of
SIG DL sessions so you can be sure to join us for our exciting and
informative programs.

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in Philly.
Please feel free to introduce yourself -- I really enjoy meeting ASIST

best regards, 
Suzie Allard
SIG-DL Chair

Tuesday, Nov. 19
9-10 am  SIG-D: Planning Session
Conference Hotel, Room A
THIS IS FUN!! We've already elected our officers so this meeting is about
getting ready for the upcoming year.

We WELCOME all SIG-DL members and ANYONE else who is interested in DL
issues. Feel free to join us for enjoyable socializing and great
conversation as we tackle the new year.

Bring your ideas, and Bring your enthusiasm!  Everyone is invited and
encouraged to be a part of SIG-DL's future!!  If you can't join us, please
feel free to email your ideas to the SIG-DL list or to a SIG-DL officer.

Tuesday, Nov 19
1:30 pm  Open Sourcing the Digital Library: Tools & Infrastructure
**learn about the DL architecture, the importance of open source software,
success & challenges of using open source software. NOTE: There has been an
addition to this program -- the experts from DLIST (DL of Info Sci & Tech)
will be sharing their experiences as well.  (With SIGS LAN & PUB)

Wednesday, Nov 20
8:30 am E-Books Rebound
** learn about issues of access, OCLC & NetLibrary, Knovel - an online
engineering and scientific reference service, and the potential of e-books
in DLs   (With SIGS PUB, LAN & STI)

8:30 am  The Library of the Future: Interweaving the Virtual and the
** learn about the increasing use of e-materials, the implications of the
move to location-independent work, places and roles of common spaces,
future of how  faculty and students will use information resources, the
roles for librarians in the e-environment. (With SIGS USE & ED)

1:30 pm  Virtual Reference Services: Exploring the Open Source Options
** learn about virtual reference and how the experience of universities who
are using it. (With SIGS ED, LAN & STI)

1:30 pm  Foundations of Digital Libraries: Organizational & Management
** Learn about DSpace a project of MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard, the
Library of Virginia's DL, the American Memory Collection, and the Library of
Congress/Ameritech National Digital Library Competition (With SIG MGT)

3:30 pm  Digital Libraries Supporting Distance Education
** Learn about standards for courseware repositories, interoperability
between courseware products and collaborative efforts to share courseware

Thursday, Nov 21
8:30 am  NSDL: The National Science, Mathematics, Engineering an Technology
Digital Library
**  Learn about NSDL's support of education from preK to undergraduate and
its commitment to lifelong learning, and about some of NSDL's exciting
projects   (With SIG STI)

8:30 am  Media Asset Retrieval Systems
** Learn about media asset management's technologies and services, about
solutions to media asset challenges and how cooperation between several
groups is contributing to these solutions.  (With SIG CR, USE, HCI)

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