[Asis-l] NISO Networked Reference Standard

Mark Needleman markn at sirsi.com
Wed Nov 13 09:55:48 EST 2002


I thought the following might be of interest

Mark H Needleman
Product Manager - Standards
Sirsi Corporation
markn at sirsi.com 
NISO Standard Committee AZ, Networked Reference Services has released QATP
Use Cases.   The Protocol Subcommittee is developing a Question/Answer
Transaction Protocol (QATP) to support  exchange between digital reference
systems collaborating in the processing of a question. A preliminary step in
the development of a protocol is to describe use cases (also known
informally as "functional scenarios") that the protocol is required to
support. The QATP document in a PDF file is at: 
More information on the committee  work is at: 

http://www.niso.org/committees/committee_az.html.  The review and comment
period is November 8, 2002 - January 8, 2003.  Please submit your comments
to  Ray Denenberg, at rden at loc.gov. Please share this announcement with your
staff, colleagues, other lists and  email reflectors. 

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