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The position is currently mine.  I’m relocating because of an out-of-state
job opportunity for my wife.  I’ve been very happy working for this

Please note that applicants are to submit their materials to Human Resources
(please don’t send materials to me).  The contact info follows the job

-Dean Vellenga


Information Specialist

National Business Incubation Association (NBIA)
Athens, OH

Support the Association’s position of providing industry expertise by
managing the flow of industry-relevant information that NBIA receives and
researches.  Assist the association’s staff’s and members’ ability to
understand and track industry trends, standards, model programs,
developments in the legislative, political and economic arenas and research
on the entrepreneurial process.  Reduce the amount of time spent by other
staff reading unedited primary documents.

Answer members’ industry questions by utilizing information databases or
researching new sources.

Answer staff’s industry questions by utilizing information database or
researching new sources (Prepare research reports in response to staff
requests for specific information).

Track industry questions posed to the association.

Provide limited information to non-members to encourage them to join.

Design and implement a staff-friendly and accessible information system for
both paper- and electronically-based documents, i.e., a system to organize,
store, retrieve, analyze, package and disseminate industry information.

Coordinate with the web services department to make pertinent information
accessible to members and other relevant segments online.

Research and identify new business incubation programs.  Identify business
incubation programs that are closing.

Read and manipulate new information to store in information database system.

Manage ongoing abstracting activities.

Develop standard reports of industry statistics and other data that are
easily (or continuously) updated.

Identify holes in association taxonomy.

Maintain industry bibliography.

Evaluate new sources of information to add to information database system as

Graduate degree in library and information science and/or relevant
experience in information management services. Ability to work
collaboratively as well as independently. Strong written communication
skills. Strong computer skills.  Familiarity with database concepts.
Customer service orientation. Familiarity with incubation industry,
entrepreneurship or business topics a plus.

Ability to evaluate and screen primary sources for relevance.  Ability to
analyze and synthesize complex materials and communicate findings in a
clearly-written report.  Ability to evaluate database systems to develop
appropriate structure for NBIA.  Ability to recognize and communicate
knowledge of developing trends or changes in the political, social or
economic environment affecting business incubation.

Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.

The National Business Incubation Association is a private, not-for-profit
501(c)(3) membership organization with headquarters in Athens, Ohio.  For
more information about the association and the concept of business
incubation, see the following Web sites:


Athens is a university town near the Wayne National Forest.  For information
about Athens, see:


Send a letter of application and resume, including names of three
references to:

Human Resources
National Business Incubation Association
20 E. Circle Drive, Suite 190
Athens, OH 45701-3571

Fax: (740) 593-1996
Ph:  (740) 593-4331
Email:  humanresources at nbia.org
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