[Asis-l] Cross Language Workshop Deadline Extended to June 2

Fred Gey gey at ucdata.Berkeley.EDU
Thu May 23 18:30:32 EDT 2002

This is to announce that the paper submission deadline for the
SIGIR-2002 workshop, Cross Language Information Retrieval: a Research
Roadmap has been extended from May 24 to June 2.  Attached to this
message is the revised call for papers with new dates.

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A Workshop at
 SIGIR-2002: 22nd Internationl Conference On Research And Development in Information Retrieval 

August 15, 2002, Tampere Finland http://www.sigir2002.org

Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) has been a research subfield for more than a decade now.  The field has sparked three major evaluation efforts: the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) covering many European languages, the NTCIR Asian Language Evaluation (covering Chinese, Japanese and Korean), and the TREC Cross Language Track which currently focuses on the Arabic language.   This workshop proposes to review and assess the progress that has been made and to prepare a roadmap for the next five years of research and development.  Presentations will summarize the major techniques and accomplishments of the field (e.g. utilization of corpus, dictionary, and machine translation techniques for crossing language barriers, strategies for sense disambiguation and query expansion) and position papers will argue the directions the research should go in the next half decade. The expectation is to develop a step-by-step, year-by-year roadmap of research to be undertaken, with each year addressing progressively more difficult goals and expected accomplishments.  Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:
* The role of cross-language retrieval for video, image, sounds and music collections, since users can understand the content without expertise. Cross-language speech retrieval.
* Interactive CLIR systems, including issues regarding results presentation
* Cross-language summarization, cross-language clustering, and cross- language question answering. 
* Multilingual web retrieval, including development of a web corpus in 25 or more languages
* CLIR for languages for which there are limited linguistic resources, such as 
o Indian subcontinent languages 
o Eastern European languages
o African continent languages
o South-East Asian languages
* Shareability of linguistic resources such as stemmers, stop word lists, corpora, transliteration techniques

Two kinds of papers are sought:  Short position papers (maximum 4 pages) which focus on particular areas and argue a vision of future research in the area.  We will accept as many of these as can be fit into the workshop schedule.  Longer research scope papers, invited based upon short papers (up to 10 pages) which provide depth and background as well as a research vision; these papers will be reviewed and a limited number selected for presentation at the workshop.
Workshop Co-Chairs

Fredric C. Gey
University of California, Berkeley
gey at ucdata.berkeley.edu
Noriko Kando
National Institute of Informatics
kando at nii.ac.jp
Carol Peters
Italian National Research Council
carol at iei.pi.cnr.it


June 2, 2002 	Papers submitted electronically to Chairs.
June 26, 2002     	Notice of acceptance or rejections of papers sent to Authors 
July 15, 2002     	Final papers submitted for workshop notebook to be distributed at workshop
August 15, 2002     	Workshop held in Tampere, Finland


James Allan  		 (USA)         
Martin Braschler 	 (Switzerland)
Hsin-Hsi Chen 	 (Taiwan)
Kuang-hua Chen  	 (Taiwan)
Bruce Croft     		 (USA)
Julio Gonzalo    	 (Spain)
Djoerd Hiemstra  	 (Netherlands)
Gareth Jones      	 (United Kingdom)
Jussi Karlgren    	 (Sweden)  
Wessel Kraaij     	 (Netherlands) 
Chin-Yew Lin      	 (USA)
Paul McNamee     	 (USA)
Jian-Yun Nie        	(Canada)
Doug Oard        	 (USA)
Ari Pirkola      		 (Finland)
Mark Sanderson   	 (United Kingdom)

	DEADLINE EXTENDED: CLIR Research Roadmap	May 23, 2002

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