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                        DELOS International Summer School
                       on Digital Library Technologies
                                ISDL 2002
                        8 - 12 July 2002, Pisa, Italy


The DELOS Network of Excellence is pleased to announce its second
International Summer School on Digital Library Technologies (ISDL
2002) to be held in Pisa, Italy, from July 8-12, 2002. This year
the school will focus on Digital Library applications, i.e., the
exploitation of Digital Library technologies in several
application domains. The lecturers of the School will be leading
researchers in the Digital Library field, both from the US and
from Europe. Each lecture will be devoted to a presentation of a
Digital Library application in a specific application domain. An
introductory lecture on Digital Libraries will also be given. The
DELOS Network of Excellence is an initiative funded by the fifth
Framework Program of the European Commission, within the Key
Action on Multimedia Contents and Tools of the Information
Society Technologies (please visit the web site
http://www.delos-noe.org for further information about DELOS).


The main purpose of the school is to foster research and
understanding in the fundamental technologies underlying the
Digital Libraries field. It is directed towards members of the
research community in the wide sense, that is, graduate students
and young researchers and professionals involved in R&D in
DL-related areas. Ideally, the participants should represent both
the computer science community, the industrial communities
(electronic publishing, broadcasting, software industry, etc.)
and the user communities interested in Digital Libraries
technologies (libraries, archives, museums). No qualifications or
prerequisites are necessary. However, we recommend that
participants have a basic knowledge of information and database
management, together with Internet and Web applications.


The one-week intensive course will consist of nine half-day
lectures and one half-day dedicated to BOF (Birds of a Feather)
sessions, i.e. discussions in smaller groups on specific topics
of common interest, with the participation of the lecturers. The
morning half-day lectures will begin at 9:00 and end at 12:30,
with a coffee break at 11:00. The afternoon lectures will begin
at 14:00 and end at 17:30, with a coffee break at 16:00.

Monday, 8 July 2002
   8:30 - 9:00              Presentation of the School
                                  Costantino Thanos
                                  (IEI-CNR, Italy)
   9:00 - 12:30             Introduction  to Digital Libraries
                                  Gary Marchionini
                                  (University of North Carolina at Chapel
                                   Hill, USA)
12:30 - 14:00             Lunch
14:00 - 17:30             Metadata
                                  Thomas Baker
                                  (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany)

Tuesday, 9 July 2002
   9:00 - 12:30             Geospatial Digital Libraries
                                  Terry Smith
                                  (University of California at Santa
                                   Barbara, USA)
12:30 - 14:00             Lunch
14:00 - 17:30             Digital Libraries in Health Applications
                                  Judith Klavans
                                  (Columbia University, USA)

Wednesday, 10 July 2002
   9:00 - 12:30             Digital Music Libraries
                                  Jon Dunn
                                  (Indiana University, USA)
12:30 - 14:00             Lunch
14:00 - 17:30             Birds of a Feather (BOF) Sessions

Thursday, 11 July 2002
   9:00 - 12:30             Digital Libraries in the Humanities
                                  Gregory Crane
                                  (Tufts University, USA)
12:30 - 14:00             Lunch
14:00 - 17:30             Digital Libraries of Spoken Documents
                                  Dean Rehberger
                                  (Michigan State University, USA)

Friday, 12 July 2002
   9:00 - 12:30             Preservation
                                  Seamus Ross
                                  (University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
12:30 - 14:00             Lunch
14:00 - 17:30             Video Digital Libraries
                                  Scott Stevens
                                  (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)


The School will be held in Pisa in the beautiful Conference
Centre of Santa Croce in Fossabanda, an ancient monastery dating
from the 14th century recently renovated, fifteen minutes walking
distance from the center of the city.

Students and lecturers are expected to reside in the Conference
Centre for the duration of the School, giving students ample
opportunities to know each other and to exchange ideas among
themselves and with the lecturers, who are expected to stay for
most of the duration of the School.

To book accommodation at the conference centre you should directly contact:

Santa Croce in Fossabanda Conference Centre
Piazza Santa Croce, 5
56125 Pisa, Italy
Phone:  050 970911
Fax:  050 9711044
E-mail: info at fossabanda.it
Web site: http://www.fossabanda.it/

You should inform them of your arrival and departure dates,
making sure to specify "ISDL2002" to receive the specially
arranged discount prices listed here below. A one night's deposit
is required to reserve the booking. VISA, MASTERCARD, CARTA SI
and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards are accepted. The balance can
be paid directly at the conference centre at the end of your
stay. In the case that you are unable to make a deposit by credit
card, you may pay the one night's deposit when sending in your
registration fee.

You should make your booking at the Santa Croce in Fossabanda no
later than June 3rd, 2002. In the case of cancellation before
July 1st, 2002 your deposit will be refunded. Your deposit will
not be refunded for cancellations made after July 1st, 2002.

2 accommodation price list (including breakfast, services and taxes):

Single (one person)                                                Price
single room, without private bathroom                              33.57 euros
single room (one twin bed), with private bathroom                  46.48 euros
single room (one double bed), with private bathroom                51.65 euros
double room (for one person), with private bathroom                61.97 euros

Double (two persons)
double room (two twin beds), with private bathroom                 82.63 euros
double room (one queen bed), with private bathroom                 82.63 euros

A few rooms for three or four people are also available. For
rates and availability please enquire directly at Santa Croce in


To apply please send all the requested registration information
(see below) to Tarina Ayazi by email (tarina at iei.pi.cnr.it) or by
fax (050-315-3464 or 050-315-2810). Within a week from
the receipt of the application the registration will be confirmed
(or rejected if no more places are available). The deadline for
receipt of the registration information is 3 June 2002. The
course fee is 450.00 euros.

The course fee includes:
- lectures
- lunches
- coffee breaks
- social events (including social dinner)

The course fee does not include:
- accommodation
- transport to Pisa
- dinners (except for the social dinner)

First Name(s)
Last Name
Mailing Address
Telephone (including country and area code)

Please provide us with information about your activity
Museum Professional

Please let us know of any special dietary requirements.

Please tell us where you found out about the course.


Your registration will not become final until we receive payment
for the course. In the event of notice of cancellation from the
summer school being received earlier than 20 days in advance of
the course, a cancellation charge of 25% will be made to cover
administration costs. Refunds for withdrawals after that time
cannot normally be made. Substitutions of delegates may be made
at any time up to the start of the summer school.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or money order, banker's
draft or international cheque. Please note that we are not able
to accept payment by credit card for the registration fee.

Bank Transfer

Remit the total registration amount to:
- Bank: Banca Popolare di Novara, Ag. 1
- Address of Bank: Via San Francesco 54, 56100 Pisa, Italy
- International bank code (IBAN): IT 08 K 05608 14002 000000013761
     (bank code to be used if making payment from outside of Italy)
- Italian bank code (BBAN): K 05608 14002 000000013761
     (bank code to be used if making payment from within Italy)
- Account holder: Ettore Ricciardi - ISDL2002 Treasurer
- Reference: Make sure to specify the name of the person who is
     being registered for the summer school as well the name of the
     school - "ISDL2002".

Money Order

The money order, banker's draft or international cheque should be
made payable to "Ettore Ricciardi - ISDL2002 Treasurer" and sent,
along with a copy of your registration information, to the
following address:

Tarina Ayazi
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione
Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa
Via G. Moruzzi, 1
56124 Pisa, Italy


DELOS has available a limited number of fellowships covering the
registration fee for young researchers and/or Ph.D. students
(below the age of 35) from EU countries. To apply please send a
CV (including your nationality, affiliation and date of birth)
and a letter of recommendation from your Institution to:

Tarina Ayazi
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione
Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa
Via G. Moruzzi, 1
56124 Pisa, Italy
Tel:  050 315 2912
Fax:  050 315 3464
E-mail: tarina at iei.pi.cnr.it


All attendees are invited to a welcome party the evening of
Sunday, July 7th and to a social dinner the evening of Wednesday,
July 10th. Before the social dinner (late afternoon of Wednesday,
July 10th) a bus trip to Lucca will be organized, including a
guided tour of the city. Lucca is located about 20 kms from Pisa
and is one of the few Tuscan towns to retain its original urban
structure as the ancient center was enclosed and protected by
Roman walls. Lucca developed within them until the end of the
19th century, creating an interesting superimposition of
historical styles.



Galileo Galilei is the International Airport of Pisa with daily
flights to/from London, Paris, Monaco, Madrid and Barcelona, as
well as to/from Rome, Milan and other important Italian cities.
There is a train service from the airport to the center of Pisa.
Tickets should be bought within the airport before boarding the
train and must be validated by inserting the ticket in one of the
validating machines located near the railway tracks. Otherwise
you can take the bus to the center. Tickets should be bought
within the airport before boarding the bus and must be validated
by inserting the ticket in the validating machine located on the

Train Station

The railway station is located in the center of the city and is
on the main line from Turin to Rome. There is a frequent train
service to and from Florence. Pisa railway station also has
direct connections to Paris, Zurich, Vienna and Berlin, as well
as to Italian cities such as Milan, Venice, Genoa and Rome. For
train information please see the official Italian railway site:


For updated information about the school please see the school
web site at URL:

For any other information you may contact:

Tarina Ayazi
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione
Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa
Via G. Moruzzi, 1
56124 Pisa, Italy
Tel:  050 315 2912
Fax:  050 315 3464
E-mail: tarina at iei.pi.cnr.it

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