[Asis-l] REDUX: Morris County, NJ: Deputy Network Administrator

Ellen Sleeter, M.A.I.N. Administrator sleeter at main.morris.org
Fri Jun 14 16:00:08 EDT 2002

ASIS&T Friends:

	I have this great job going begging (since AUGUST, folks!).  No -- it 
doesn't pay a lot, but the pay's not scandalous.  And we have very good 
benefits, and fine financial support from the Freeholders (unprecedented, 
certainly in New Jersey).  And it's not like I've been deluged with good 
folks who are simply turned off by the cash compensation, because I've 
never even mentioned it.  And don't ask!  ;-)

In point of fact:  after distributing this widely to every appropriate grad 
school placement office in PA (well, not Pitt, but this time 'round, yes), 
NJ, and NY, advertising in the New York Times and the Newark Star Ledger 
and NJLA, and sending off to a couple of head-hunter friends as a heads up 
-- all of this beginning last October -- I have been underwhelmed with an 
unmentionably small number of aspirants with whom to follow up.

Any feedback on this posting would help, of course.  What am I not seeing 
here?  Sorry that I can't point you to a website for this; that may be a 
deficit in and of itself.

And now, I'm going back to the Placement office trough!


    POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT:  (Search reopened, June 2002)

              Deputy Network Administrator
                Network Services Division
              County of Morris, New Jersey

   The Morris Automated Information Network (M.A.I.N.)
   is a consortium comprised of 34 public libraries
   and their branches in the Morris County, New
   Jersey, area.  The network is designed, managed,
   and supported by the Network Services Division of
   Morris County government.  This position reports to
   the Network Administrator/Division Head, is second
   in command in the division of 8 FTE, and directly
   supervises the Database Manager, Network Cataloger,
   and temporary catalogers.

   Description of Duties:
        In addition to supervisory and budgetary
   responsibilities, the Deputy will (1) manage
   several internal and consortium-wide technical
   projects; (2) evaluate database maintenance and
   cataloging workflow, practices, costs; (3) serve as
   primary business and consortium advocacy contact
   with Data Research Associates, the consortium's
   library automation vendor; (4) represent the
   Division on several key committees of M.A.I.N.,

        ALA-accredited graduate degree.  Minimum 2
   years supporting library automation applications in
   a library consortium or large multi-branch library.
   Minimum 2 years supervisory experience.  Minimum 1
   year cataloging using an automated system.
   Demonstrated expertise in using PC software for
   word processing, spreadsheet modeling, database
   management, project management, web browsing.
   Excellent electronic and verbal communications
   skills, for interactions both with co-workers and
   with user constituency.  Demonstrated commitment to
   customer service.

   Highly Desirable Experience:
        Hands-on experience in any of the following:
   DRA applications, DEC OpenVMS and DCL, formal
   project management, structured systems analysis,
   database creation/publishing/management, web site
   development.  Experience conducting requirements
   analyses and writing specifications for automation-
   related services.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

        Compensation is competitive, with excellent
   benefits, including membership in the Federal
   Credit Union, tax-deferred investment plan (457b),
   NJ State PERS, and tuition reimbursement.  The
   Deputy position is a "Freeholders List"
   appointment, which enjoys more extensive benefits
   than classified NJ Civil Service positions.

        This position is available immediately.  Send
   cover letter explaining pertinent qualifications
   for position described, together with resume and
   full contact information for three references to:

        Ellen Sleeter, Network Administrator
        Network Services Division
        County of Morris
        PO Box 900
        Morristown, NJ 07963-0900

   Attachments OK to: sleeter at main.morris.org
   No faxes or phone calls 

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