[Asia-pacific-chap-plan] [Action Needed] Petition, Volunteers, and Bylaws

Songphan Choemprayong Songphan.C at chula.ac.th
Thu Sep 19 12:31:45 EDT 2013

Dear all,

(Sorry for a lengthy email)

Thank you for your support of Asia-Pacific Chapter of ASIST.  
We should have enough signatures for a petition, but please feel 
free to spread out the words.  We have three things to prepare 
in order to apply for a chapter.

1. Petition

Instead of a written signature, we will use an address and an 
email to attest your support.  I have attached a list of your 
name, address, and email address.  I compiled a list from ASIST 
member database.

Please verify your information.  If changes are needed, please 
let me know by Monday 23 September 2013.  

**I could not locate some of you in the member database.  If 
you are planing to become a member or renewing your 
membership in an immediate future, please send me your 
address and email to me as soon as possible.

2. Volunteers

We still need volunteers to serve as interim officers. 

I am happy to volunteer as an interim chair.  Emil also 
volunteers to serve as an advisor.  Dr.Lisa Given also volunteers 
to represent as a (interim) chapter assembly representative at 
the annual meeting.

We are still looking for the following positions:
- (interim) Chair elect
- (interim) Alternative Assembly Representative (who is 
attending the annual meeting)
- (interim) Treasurer (optional)
- Advisor (optional)

If you are willing to volunteer for any of these positions, please 
send me an email off the list and state which position(s) you 
volunteer for by Monday 23 September 2013.  If more than one 
person volunteer for one position, the placement will go to the 
first person who contact me. 

3. By-laws
I have drafted of the by-laws based on the model provided by 
ASIST.  Please read the draft as attached.  If you would like to 
propose any changes, please send me your comments by 
Monday 23 September 2013.  After all changes are reviewed 
and adopted, if any, we will cast an email ballot to 
accept the by-laws.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to 
contact me.

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